• Vision

    Data Science Initiative (DSI) at Wayne State University is a university-wide effort to establish the leading data science training and research facilities at Wayne State University. DSI is a research initiative promoting the extraction of knowledge from data in multidiscipline research area. The technology push from sensors, mobile device, wireless communications and cloud computing creates data-driven research in the nexus of medical science, business, civil and environmental engineering, computer science, etc. The prosperity of big data further promote the demand of assistance in data collection, data modeling and analysis, and decision making in multiple research fields. DSI is our answer to the increasing demand for professionals skilled in developing and utilizing intelligent methods of analyzing data. Also, next generation scientists also need to master the data analysis skills in their daily research activities. Specifically, the objectives of DSI include:
    (1) To provide the research and education in the data science disciplinary, including big data computer systems and big data analytics;
    (2) To enable the university-wide big data-driven research by maintaining both the data and computing resources, with the focus on health, environment, smart and connected communities.


    DSI provides toolkits in data collection, data storage, data processing and knowledge delivery. With data collection tool, researchers can easily acquire solutions from sensor choosing, application design and development to sensor and gateway deployment, connection establishment and data transmission. Collected data could be stored and managed safely and elegantly in various data management systems from DSI for easy inquiry and processing. Moreover, DSI will also offer data sharing mechanism to future catalyze collaboration within multidiscipline research, encourage data reuse and reduce data redundancy. DSI provides diverse data learning methods to help researchers extract knowledge from data. Powerful machine learning tools for big data such as Hadoop MapReduce and SPARK can also be deployed in DSI to offer fast and reliable cluster level data processing ability. At last, Knowledge can be delivered from service providers and researchers to service receivers in a timely and reliable manner with the delivery intervention tools provided by DSI.